Where to hire virtual assistants?

There are several ways to hire an assistant to help you. Nowadays, one popular way is getting one from the web – so called virtual assistant.

So, you decided to hire a virtual assistant to work writing content, managing social media accounts or creating backlinks. Nice, but where do you find them? It depends on kind of assistant you want.

If you need someone to write, you can get one from writing service sites, like iWriter or iNeedArticles. Those are two options with good prices, but there are several options – if you need content for marketing purposes, you can get a good assistant in WarriorForum or BlackHatWorld.

If you want an assistant to code or design one website, so you should go to oDesk or Freelancer. Actually, oDesk and Freelancer are big freelancer portals, so you can find people ready to do several work types there.

And if you have a blog or website, you can publish a page notifying your readers you need an assistant. You can get a good virtual assistant with a good price this way, but you’ll need be careful to manage his/her tasks, because one advantage from those VA plataforms is they can help you to manage their works.


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