What tools do you use to layout your ebooks?

If you are creating an ebook and need layout it, you’ll find several options on the web. But, before to choose better option, you need know what kind of ebook you are trying to create. Will it be a free ebook in PDF format distributed to your email subscribers? Will it be a kindle book to sell in Amazon store for $2.99? Will it be a full ebook containing 300 pages to sell in your website for $19.99? Do you realize that each option will bring different results? That’s why you’ll can use different tools according to publishing goals.

You can use any word processor (like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer) to write and layout it, but results won’t be so professional. If you need really good results, so it’s better to pay for someone to create a cover and layout your ebook. I know, marketers prefer to “do it yourself”, but you should focus on your business. But, if you insist to do it instead paying someone else, so you should check some ClickBank or ComissionJunction products (I have seen some promising softwares there). It should cost you around $30.00 – $50.00. If you are paying more than it, check if there are other software functionalities, like writing flow management, idea repository, search facilities etc. Otherwise, it’s better to look for other cheaper option.

And you can check some websites like EbookArchitects.com and DigitalBookWorld.com to get more tips about write and layout your ebook.


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