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Who should market with social bookmarking in this year?

If you have a blog, so you should. If you have a website, too. And if you have some kind of e-commerce… Well, I guess you understood me. Any person having some type of business needs be aware to social bookmarking sites in his/her marketing strategy. In the past, bloggers were main users of those websites, but now, if you need some visibility, so you should do it too.

But you shouldn’t use all bookmarking websites: there are good and not so good options, so you need know them and choose those ones better fit. And you don’t need limit yourself to use only one or two bookmarking sites, more sites, more links and more visibility.

The best option is, for sure, Reddit. It’s a stablished and popular website where anyone can share small stories with a link. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, softwares are created to violate rules and get more exposure. It isn’t recommended because your acount will be likely banned. And you’ll spend much time and effort to build a new trustful account.

Of course, in order to get good results, you should combine it with other strategies (like social networks), measure results and keep those with better performance. It will take some time until reaching expressive results, but if you are patient, you will get what you want.