Improving Marketing Tactics With Blogs

Internet Marketing is a very big world, complete with all kinds of tools, strategies and more. But you don’t need be scared. The fact that affiliate marketing is so diverse can make it seem a bit impossible to find what will work for you, but we are here to help you! 🙂

When it comes to blogs, you may be facing a double-edged sword: blogs can bring your busines huge traffic, but it can consume so much time, if you don’t systematize it properly. But, after studying so many succesful blogs, you’ll realize some pattern.

Well, following two tips summarize some points about blogs as marketing tactics

Tip #1. Bookmarks and social networks

Give your website visitors the opportunity to bookmark your site on social networking sites. Widgets are available you can place on your homepage or your blog. The bookmarks signal the search engines that your page is liked and important. This increases your site’s credibility as a valuable website.

Encourage authentic buzz about your product, by monitoring how many times your company is mentioned on social networking sites. You can add to the snowball effect from word-of-mouth advertising if you can add your own testimonials and blog posts to those of satisfied customers. This form of advertising is the most credible to your customers, and will prompt more buying than mass marketing or search engine optimization.

Tip #2. Expanding

Market your business online by creating alternate websites to drive traffic to your central website. Unlike scraper websites, these additional websites serve to enhance your main website with content that is relevant to your product.

Use one as a forum, one as a blog and one as a reference source containing suggestions, facts and articles that relate to your product. Think of them as satellites directing traffic toward your business, but keep them interesting in their own right.

And remember yourself…

While it is true that a lot of Internet marketers are able to advertise their sites and products without spending money at all, this is something that is incredibly rare. Blog businesses hosted on free sites that make 50k a year are pretty much dying off. If only for a legitimate website and some keyword campaigns, you will need to invest some money.

In the world of online marketing, there are many techniques that you have at your disposal to better promote your business. What works for one person may not for another, even though the world of web marketing has a little something for everyone. Hopefully, these tips have given you a starting point for your own marketing strategy.


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