How to avoid on-page SEO over-optimization?

Recently, many marketers are talking about SEO over-optimization and how it can harm your website. And big problem is about on-page SEO, because it’s completely controllable for website owners, so there aren’t excuses for mistakes there.

Your webpage will be SEO over-optimized when it’s so much optimized that search engines consider it an attempt to manipulate search rankings. Therefore, your webpage will can be penalized and drop in ranks. And it isn’t so good, of course!

If you wanna avoid on-page SEO over-optimization, you should follow only Google Webmaster Guidelines (search it on the web) and write real and amazing content. I know, it’s a vague answer, but there isn’t a magical formula. In order to avoid over-optimization, you need write naturally, not thinking “how to optimize it to search engines”.

“And how will my webpages be ranked? That’s simple! First, high quality content keep people more time in your website, what is good. Second, you ca use social networks to announce when a new text is out. Third, you can’t control search engines, so instead trying it, write more good content, interlink it and promote it.

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