How much time do you dedicate to Twitter Marketing?

Oh God! How many times did you realize you are wasting too much time in Twitter Marketing and getting small results? Three times? And is it Tuesday still? Yeah, I know, I did it too. Several times. Twitter Marketing can be exciting (we need do only small tasks – like following someone, tweeting a phrase, retweeting etc.) but it can take too much time if you don’t manage your other activities – Social networks are addictive – and time wasters.

So, if you want to get good results in Twitter Marketing without cause harm to your business/social life, so you need delimit an interval time to work on it daily or weekly. If you decide you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes daily, so do it. It looks like very basic, but when you try to reduce your time, you’ll realize it isn’t so easy as it looks like.

After reducing time spent, study which tasks are getting better results – and don’t think only about follower number, think link clicks too. If you get 100 new followers daily, but your link clicks doesn’t increase, so you are wasting time still. Some good actions you can do:

a) Following followers from other accounts in your niche;

b) Follow or retweet retweeters;

c) Favorite tweets about your niche.

If you are doing it manually, be careful to not spend much time on it. If you are using some automated tool, be careful to not exaggerate and get your account blocked! Twitter Marketing is a “numbers game” and you must remember it always!


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