SEO Content Creation Guide

Some days ago, I commented about manual spun content creation process in this thread:

Unfortunately, if you want good results with your spun content in tier 1, you can’t use anything shared with other people for a simple reason: it will have been heavily spammed and Google won’t see your tier 1 links with good eyes.

What to do? I suggest you do it manually. It takes much time, yes, but you can outsource if you have budget. Remind just great outsource services aren’t cheap. Now, let me describe my step-by-step to generate content with spintax…

1. Generate 5 or more AB articles in a niche

If you are an Article Builder member, you can use its articles as seed in this process. If you aren’t, here is how to write these articles:

a) Articles should have same amount of paragraphs (introduction, X paragraphs developing and conclusion);
b) Tip-based articles work better here and are OK for tier 1;
c) PLR articles are ok, if they follow above rules.

2. Review it to replace any duplicate or spun paragraph

If you wrote your articles manually, it shouldn’t happen, but if you used AB articles, PLR articles or other content creation provider, two of those articles may have paragraphs saying same thing – and if you want to maximum readability, you should replace those paragraphs.

In my last experiment, I finished with only three articles after it.

3. Rewrite MANUALLY each phrase

How many times? It depends on how many times you intend to use that article. If you have many (hundreds or thousands) seed articles to use, rewrite each phrase three times is enough. But if you want to use same seed articles to spam a lot, more is better. I rewrote FIVE times each phrase in an experiment, getting six phrase variations. I can’t it was happiest moment in my life, but I got that work done (rewriting each phrase five times for three articles took around six hours).

My suggestion? If you will do it manually, do it at once. Don’t interrupt to do other things, don’t complain, don’t procrastinate, just do it. You need it done and this is only way.

When rewriting my phrases, I REWRITE MY PHRASES! I don’t just replace words from synonyms – it’ll be done later. So I can write three phrase types:

a) Another phrase saying same thing but with a completely different phrasal structure;
b) Another phrase saying same thing with some difference in structure AND adding more information;
c) Another phrase saying something different, but it fits perfectly in that paragraph.

I used much of them three types, mainly “b” and “c”. It generates so different texts I can use them even for money sites – actually, I really used some of them.

Some people talk about rewrite each phrase ten phrases. I’m not a native English speaker and my last experiment was in English, so I’d be crazy trying to do it just to experiment. As I said, I rewrote each phrase five times and it took around 6 hours – it’s enough for me now.

4. Rewrite MANUALLY some expressions or part of phrases

I didn’t do it in my last experiment, but I have done it in other opportunities and I consider it important. See, it isn’t replace words for synonyms, we are talking about take some part of phrase (3 or 5 words, for instance) and rewrite it with same meaning in that phrase.

How many times? You decide. If you have many paragraph versions (we have 5 articles, thus 5 paragraph versions), many phrase version (at least 5 version) and will spin it in word level later, so you don’t need many expression rewritings. Just do it where you can find.

5. Create a new article merging all articles

If you merged everything in an article in beginning, so it’s done. I preferred to keep them in separated articles in order to use my versions generated in step 3 in money sites (as filler content) and tier 1. So, now I need merge everything in one.

6. Spin in word-level with some spinner tool (using only best synonyms)

In last step, you can use auto spin options of your spinner tool in order to get more variations in your article. I tried an auto spin with The Best Spinner (“Everyone’s Favorites”, “Best quality level”, “Replace Everyone’s Favorites inside spun text” checked).

I could do it manually – and those articles would have an amazing quality, perfectly readable and offering great value to readers, but those are for SEO purpose and I guess that’s ok if you auto spin in this point, since you did previous steps manually.

Later, I checked with “Generate & Compare” uniqueness level for 50 articles and I’m very glad with final results: almost all getting 92%+ in uniqueness. Only two or three got less than 90%.

7. Add random pictures or videos

As final step, go to Google Search (tab Images) and YouTube and get many pictures or videos and include in your spun article references for those in spintax.

I usually work with 50% chance to appear a picture or video in middle of text and other 50% chance to appear another picture or video in end of text. So:

a) 25% my texts don’t have pictures or videos;
b) 25% of my texts have two pictures or videos;
c) 25% of my texts have just one picture or video in the middle;
d) 25% of my texts have just one picture or video in the bottom.

It helps to increase variability and visitors can read two or three of those articles and don’t realize they are spun. Math is amazing.

Extra – How to improve this process

Every process can be optimized. We got great results, but it can be improved. Here are some tips:

a) More articles better. I’ve used only three articles in my last experiment and got amazing results (50 articles with 92% or more in uniqueness), can you imagine our results if I had used ten articles?
b) More phrases better. Amount of phrase variations influence almost exponentially in amount of content variations in the end, but it takes time to write almost exponential too. Writing three variations? That’s ok. Writing five variations? Oh, shit. Writing ten variations? Man, I did it just once for one article and it was terrible. But, you can try it!

See, I didn’t say to improve in expression or word level spinning. Why? Those levels of spinning take too much effort, so it’s better to improve in first levels.

This guide will be updated periodically! New tools and techniques are released frequently, when we’ll improve this guide in order to be on the top always. We’ll update this guide periodically, so you should bookmark this page and visit it again later.