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SEOClerks or Fiverr?

If you have already looked for SEO jobs, probably you found those websites (SEOClerks and Fiverr). Well, if you ar looking for microjobs to earn money, so you should sign up both them and try to sell your services.

But, if you need someone to do a small job, so you need analyse very well both them! That’s why some marketers use a “gig arbitrage” process, that’s, they sell SEOClerks gigs and later pay other people to do it in Fiverr (for smaller prices, of course), In order words, if you hire those services from original workers, you’ll can pay less.

But, finding good and trustful workers can not be an easy mission. Likely, you’ll need hire two or three workers to do similar tasks to decide about one of them – but don’t worry, because if you hire them in Fiverr, you’ll be paying only $5 for each task, and if you hire them in SEOClerks, so you need be careful to not pay big prices.

One of services I bought in Fiverr previously was “fake twitter followers”. My goal was getting an account more “popular”, so other people would follow me – and it worked, during some time. Of course, any mistake wasn’t reponsibility of those workers, SINCE I knew what I was buying. It’s funny some people buy “fake followers” and later complain they aren’t real!

Well, if you needs a job, sign up both them. If you need “hire” someone, analyse prices and reviews in both websites and try some micro workers before taking a decision!

How do you use Feedburner?

Feedburner is a feed delivery website. There, you can register your RSS and readers will can receive it in a better format, compatible with their RSS readers.

But, it’s only tip of iceberg. Feedburner has some incredible features, like sending your post updates by email to subscribers (and it’s free) and tweet updates in your Twitter account automatically (it’s free too!). And you can get an HTML code to exhibit your updates in any HTML page – you only need copy and paste that code. And those are only some available features.

I’ve used it with some of my main blogs and I got some visits from email monthly. It helps me to increase my blog exposure in a “set and forget style”. Of course, if you want to get more traffic you should focus on listbuilding and offer good stuff to your subscribers, otherwise, there isn’t automated way to guarantee people will come back to your website!

If you have a blog (self-hosted,, or you should get to setup your RSS in Feedburner in less than one minute – and you only need do it once, so I don’t see why don’t include it in your marketing plan.