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Where can I find free or cheap PPC marketing courses?

If you are a newbie on internet marketing or an expert, but not in PPC marketing, so you need some help – and unfortunately I don’t have a free course available for you, but I know ShoeMoney has. In his website, , Jeremy “ShoeMoney” ShoeMaker shows a long but very explained PDF file detailing how you can use PPC marketing to get more sales. Nice, don’t you agree?

But is it only option on the web? Absolutely, not. But I’ve checked several “free” or “cheap” PPC marketing courses (in PDF files or videos) and most of them are outdated or incomplete. So, if you try to read and follow their tips, you can finish with new problems. It doesn’t mean all free PPC marketing course options are bad, but it’s likely you don’t get whole information from one source.

Some PPC programs, like Google Adwords, offer some free course, in order to get new users, and they can be a good idea, because they will follow specific rules about how you can reach more people with your ads but costing less. Other option is PPC University by Wordstream, a complete course through optimization tips, best practices and some advanced strategies. It offers videos, ebooks and analysis tools. And everything is free.

About paid options, you can find a PPC course in website with a reasonable price. But, if you don’t have basic knowledge in PPC, it’s better to start with free options, in order to evaluate if PPC Marketing is a good option for you before starting to pay, ok?