Blogging As Linkbuilding

If you are following our blog for some time, you know we recommend blogging as a marketing tactic. But blogs are used only for direct communication purposes? No, they aren’t.

Another common use of blogs is linkbuilding. Firstly, you need understand search engines don’t recommend it. Blogs should be used only for informative and communicative goals. But your competitors can be using blogging as linkbuilding, so my opinion is: know how to use it wisely and you’ll can face your competition without taking big risks.

How started blogs for backlinks?

Google Search, Bing and all main search engines consider links to your website (backlinks) as positive votes, recommendations. So, when someone realized creating links to his/her website from other places could rank up, blogs were one way.

Getting backlinks for websites or blogs

One simple way to get backlinks is writing and publishing articles in article directories – and it’s called Article Marketing – with backlinks pointing at money sites or blogs. So, you’ll get backlink from those article directories and other webmasters republishing that your content.

But, you can also publish some info in your blog, letting content republishing with a backlink creditting your authorship. This way, if someone wants to publish your content, he/she can, since one backlink be created.

To provide a RSS feed is another way to get your articles crawled and republished in blog networks or RSS feed directories. They can be one way to get some automated backlinks – less work, more results.

Well, it isn’t easy to get good backlinks for money sites and blogs, because many automated ways are spammy and can harm your business. So do it slowly and properly, and you’ll have a solid and profitable business.


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