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Ok, so you got your blog (self-hosted WordPress, of course!), bought some great template and created awesome content. Wow, you are on right track! But, let me guess… no traffic yet?

Don’t take it personally, because it happens to everyone. Having a great blog isn’t enough, I’ve already said some times, you need take care of its promotion now. Yeah, blogging is one way to promote your business, but you need promote it too. It looks like weird, but when it starts to get traffic, you’ll realize some great benefits.

Following tips can help you to highlight your blogs

Blog promotion tips

You need promote user interaction. One blog is a good way to keep the reader’s attention, and they can visit the site on a regular basis, by updating your blog frequently, but you need incentivate interaction. Ask, challenge and offer ways to get your content, like RSS subscriptions.

And promote it in several social networks and blog platforms. Many guys are posting updates in Twitter and Tumblr, but you don’t need be limited to it. Use your creativity to find out ways to instigate social interaction with your brand.

Monitor every marketing campaign in order ┬áto determine which of them are getting good results. Reinforce good tactics, skip bad tactics. So, you’ll find a good mix of tactics to spread out your word.

And remember yourself: running a blog about your online business helps to humanize your brand. Blogs can allow your company to show its innovative side. Through your blog, you are going to show people your company’s sense of vision, people and culture. Blog sites allow for a more personal, much less corporate view of your company.


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