Who should market with social bookmarking in this year?

If you have a blog, so you should. If you have a website, too. And if you have some kind of e-commerce… Well, I guess you understood me. Any person having some type of business needs be aware to social bookmarking sites in his/her marketing strategy. In the past, bloggers were main users of those websites, but now, if you need some visibility, so you should do it too.

But you shouldn’t use all bookmarking websites: there are good and not so good options, so you need know them and choose those ones better fit. And you don’t need limit yourself to use only one or two bookmarking sites, more sites, more links and more visibility.

The best option is, for sure, Reddit. It’s a stablished and popular website where anyone can share small stories with a link. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, softwares are created to violate rules and get more exposure. It isn’t recommended because your acount will be likely banned. And you’ll spend much time and effort to build a new trustful account.

Of course, in order to get good results, you should combine it with other strategies (like social networks), measure results and keep those with better performance. It will take some time until reaching expressive results, but if you are patient, you will get what you want.

Which tools do you use to promote a website promoting Amazon products?

If you are starting to promote Amazon products now, it’s likely you don’t know old tactics to get showcases with those goods to expose on the web. Four or five years ago, some marketers sold “automated virtual stores from Amazon”, meaning they had softwares to automate the process.

And here it goes a first tip: be very careful when using tool to extract Amazon content and republish it in your blog. Even if it worked thousand times in the past, currently Google Search has punished marketers are only scraping and republishing content. WPRobot is one of plugins very useful to extract and republish content, but if you pay attention, you can get better results if you review and rewrite each blogpost before publishing it.

Now, second tip: you can reuse content from Amazon (eBay or other store), since you improve it. If you add more value to that text, readers will love it. For instance, let’s suppose you have a fitness blog. Instead only showing each fitness equipment, you can write some description, explain how to run workout, enumerate advantages and disadvantages etc.

Third tip: when advertising, automate what you can. I know, it’s very weird, because I told to be careful about automation in first tip, but you can use it when advertising your blog/website in other blogs or websites, since it has some value! So, big secret is create value through your content.

And finally, don’t worry if it takes much time to get some results. When we are talking about promoting third party products (like Amazon goods), you need understand do it differently than thousands of other affiliate blogs, otherwise, you won’t get any conversion!

Which has better ROI – to produce content to your blogs or to revenue sharing sites?

When you are starting and don’t know what to do to make your money, you’ll listen many things and “tips”. One of them is about writing content to revenue sharing sites. One revenue sharing site is a website where you can publish your own content and make some money according to revenue that website gets. So if you write 100 texts for one website and they earn $1000 from advertising, affiliate programs etc. so you will receive part of that money.

It sounds good, because those websites get more visitors monthly, but in practice, it doesn’t mean your content will get more visitors automatically – in other words, you’ll need work to get traffic, in the end.

Two old and popular revenue sharing websites are HubPages and Squidoo. Some years ago, Squidoo started to have some difficulties to control content quality and, later, was sold to HubPages. HubPages has a stronger quality control process and I guess it helped them to keep in the business. But it means it’s more difficult to get your articles published (and they work with English content only), so in the end, I prefer to publish my articles in my own websites. It has returned me a better ROI, at least until now.

But, if you don’t want to spend money with domain registration and hosting, you can create some web 2.0 properties (like blogger.com) and make money from there. It will may have less traffic and consequently to get less money, but you’ll avoid expenses in your first affiliate/blogger steps.

What tools do you use to layout your ebooks?

If you are creating an ebook and need layout it, you’ll find several options on the web. But, before to choose better option, you need know what kind of ebook you are trying to create. Will it be a free ebook in PDF format distributed to your email subscribers? Will it be a kindle book to sell in Amazon store for $2.99? Will it be a full ebook containing 300 pages to sell in your website for $19.99? Do you realize that each option will bring different results? That’s why you’ll can use different tools according to publishing goals.

You can use any word processor (like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer) to write and layout it, but results won’t be so professional. If you need really good results, so it’s better to pay for someone to create a cover and layout your ebook. I know, marketers prefer to “do it yourself”, but you should focus on your business. But, if you insist to do it instead paying someone else, so you should check some ClickBank or ComissionJunction products (I have seen some promising softwares there). It should cost you around $30.00 – $50.00. If you are paying more than it, check if there are other software functionalities, like writing flow management, idea repository, search facilities etc. Otherwise, it’s better to look for other cheaper option.

And you can check some websites like EbookArchitects.com and DigitalBookWorld.com to get more tips about write and layout your ebook.

SEOClerks or Fiverr?

If you have already looked for SEO jobs, probably you found those websites (SEOClerks and Fiverr). Well, if you ar looking for microjobs to earn money, so you should sign up both them and try to sell your services.

But, if you need someone to do a small job, so you need analyse very well both them! That’s why some marketers use a “gig arbitrage” process, that’s, they sell SEOClerks gigs and later pay other people to do it in Fiverr (for smaller prices, of course), In order words, if you hire those services from original workers, you’ll can pay less.

But, finding good and trustful workers can not be an easy mission. Likely, you’ll need hire two or three workers to do similar tasks to decide about one of them – but don’t worry, because if you hire them in Fiverr, you’ll be paying only $5 for each task, and if you hire them in SEOClerks, so you need be careful to not pay big prices.

One of services I bought in Fiverr previously was “fake twitter followers”. My goal was getting an account more “popular”, so other people would follow me – and it worked, during some time. Of course, any mistake wasn’t reponsibility of those workers, SINCE I knew what I was buying. It’s funny some people buy “fake followers” and later complain they aren’t real!

Well, if you needs a job, sign up both them. If you need “hire” someone, analyse prices and reviews in both websites and try some micro workers before taking a decision!

Where can I find free or cheap PPC marketing courses?

If you are a newbie on internet marketing or an expert, but not in PPC marketing, so you need some help – and unfortunately I don’t have a free course available for you, but I know ShoeMoney has. In his website, http://www.shoemoney.com , Jeremy “ShoeMoney” ShoeMaker shows a long but very explained PDF file detailing how you can use PPC marketing to get more sales. Nice, don’t you agree?

But is it only option on the web? Absolutely, not. But I’ve checked several “free” or “cheap” PPC marketing courses (in PDF files or videos) and most of them are outdated or incomplete. So, if you try to read and follow their tips, you can finish with new problems. It doesn’t mean all free PPC marketing course options are bad, but it’s likely you don’t get whole information from one source.

Some PPC programs, like Google Adwords, offer some free course, in order to get new users, and they can be a good idea, because they will follow specific rules about how you can reach more people with your ads but costing less. Other option is PPC University by Wordstream, a complete course through optimization tips, best practices and some advanced strategies. It offers videos, ebooks and analysis tools. And everything is free.

About paid options, you can find a PPC course in Lynda.com website with a reasonable price. But, if you don’t have basic knowledge in PPC, it’s better to start with free options, in order to evaluate if PPC Marketing is a good option for you before starting to pay, ok?

Which doc sharing sites do you use to promote your content?

When you are promoting your content on the web, you shouldn’t ignore power of doc sharing sites. Those websites are visited daily for thousands users looking for information – and it’s exactly what you have in your hands.

One good option is Scribd. Probably, it’s more popular doc sharing site at this moment, so if you layout your content in a appealing report and publish it there, you can get some new eyes checking your work.

If you have a blog, you can pick three or four good articles, convert them in a PDF report, and publish it in Scribd and other websites. And that’s good because it’ll generate some credits in your Scribd account and you can use them to download interesting content there.

If you search “doc sharing sites”, you’ll find several websites, like: Issuu, Slideshare and DocStoc. Finding several doc sharing sites is easy, most important task is layout your document properly (it should contain hyperlink to your website, blog etc.) and create good user profiles in each website. Publish your content there and you’ll be one step closer to your audience.

Where to hire virtual assistants?

There are several ways to hire an assistant to help you. Nowadays, one popular way is getting one from the web – so called virtual assistant.

So, you decided to hire a virtual assistant to work writing content, managing social media accounts or creating backlinks. Nice, but where do you find them? It depends on kind of assistant you want.

If you need someone to write, you can get one from writing service sites, like iWriter or iNeedArticles. Those are two options with good prices, but there are several options – if you need content for marketing purposes, you can get a good assistant in WarriorForum or BlackHatWorld.

If you want an assistant to code or design one website, so you should go to oDesk or Freelancer. Actually, oDesk and Freelancer are big freelancer portals, so you can find people ready to do several work types there.

And if you have a blog or website, you can publish a page notifying your readers you need an assistant. You can get a good virtual assistant with a good price this way, but you’ll need be careful to manage his/her tasks, because one advantage from those VA plataforms is they can help you to manage their works.

How to get more sales in a blog?

It’s same story: you create a first (or new) blog, write passionately about your hobbies, jobs, knowledge etc. and, in end of month, you earn… $0.00 from sales. Well, I know how you feel, my friend, but don’t cry. Maybe, there is something you don’t know – and it’s what is causing your pain (and money lack).

But, what is missing? You selected a good (and well paid) niche, you like that niche (and can write impressively) but… you aren’t getting money! That’s simple: you are teaching, but not selling.

Let me explain: If you want to make money from blog, you need write good texts for teach and sell. It means your visitors should learn about that subject and identify good books, tools or softwares to learn more and get more done. If you teach them, but don’t awaken in them an interest in buying certain goods or services, so you won’t get your commission.

I know, you are sad now, because you thought you could make money without selling anything, but it doesn’t mean you should sell anything – you can (and must) select really good products and services to “advertise” in your blog.

Now, if you understood what you need do, I suggest you search copywriting tips to help you to write or edit your texts to get more conversion rates. Good luck!

How to avoid on-page SEO over-optimization?

Recently, many marketers are talking about SEO over-optimization and how it can harm your website. And big problem is about on-page SEO, because it’s completely controllable for website owners, so there aren’t excuses for mistakes there.

Your webpage will be SEO over-optimized when it’s so much optimized that search engines consider it an attempt to manipulate search rankings. Therefore, your webpage will can be penalized and drop in ranks. And it isn’t so good, of course!

If you wanna avoid on-page SEO over-optimization, you should follow only Google Webmaster Guidelines (search it on the web) and write real and amazing content. I know, it’s a vague answer, but there isn’t a magical formula. In order to avoid over-optimization, you need write naturally, not thinking “how to optimize it to search engines”.

“And how will my webpages be ranked? That’s simple! First, high quality content keep people more time in your website, what is good. Second, you ca use social networks to announce when a new text is out. Third, you can’t control search engines, so instead trying it, write more good content, interlink it and promote it.